About Us

There is a need for something better for our next generation.

A need for the ability to sit down face-to-face and talk about what is alive and real.
A need for the tools to tap into our innate emotional intelligence and compassion for others.
A need for self-love and authenticity.
A need for a space where screens are set aside. At least for a little while.

This is Present Company. And if all of this sounds like something you or your students/children might benefit from, please use the website to get in touch. You can also Follow us on Facebook for updates, videos, and tools.


Natalie Grigson

Natalie Grigson is an author, illustrator, improviser, and trained Authentic Relating Facilitator. She has several years’ professional experience working with kids and teenagers, from workshops and talks on body image to creative writing projects in the classroom. These days, she teaches kids and adults a combination of improv and Authentic Relating during the week, in addition to her work with Present Company.

For more information on Natalie The Author, you can visit www.NatalieGrigson.com.


Scott Gregory

Scott Gregory is a musician, avid reader, and trained Authentic Relating Facilitator. His main gig is massage therapy, but he is a born facilitator, having found himself at the service of meetings for political groups, housing co-ops, non-profits, and more. He's spent a couple years as a substitute teacher and then as a private tutor and knows the power of teenagers in large groups.

For more information on Scott the Massage Therapist, you can visit www.scottgregorylmt.com


Present Company

Present Company was founded in 2018 by Natalie Grigson and Scott Gregory. It's a project based around connecting in the moment with the people around you.

Present Company’s exercises, tools, and games for connecting and being mindful have largely been inspired by a practice called Authentic Relating. In fact, it was at an Authentic Relating Games night at Casa de Luz several years ago that Natalie and Scott met for the first time. A deep friendship formed quickly; cut to 2018 when the two decided to take the tools they’d learned in Authentic Relating and offer them to those they think need it most: students and teachers.

"I want us to collaborate on something. Where do you feel mastery?"

“We both love and are really good at working with kids. Maybe we should start our own company teaching mindfulness and relating skills in schools?" 

“That sounds good.”

Natalie already had some contacts in this field through her writing, and as such things tend to go when they are truly aligned, one of her contacts reached out the very next day with some workshop opportunities. The schools were more than ready for this type of work – and so Present Company hit the ground running.

For detailed information on the workshops, classes, and events that we offer, click here.